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Compliance & Data Destruction

Allied Computer Brokers offers secure data destruction for all hard drives, media tapes, and other data containing devices. All services are handled in-house in our secure 26,000 sq. ft. facility. ACB's secure HD Destruction room features limited access to the technicians providing the service, 24 hr. surveillance monitoring, and specialized equipment to offer both physical destruction and computerized sanitization. 

ACB provides destruction and security services that are compliant with HIPAA standards. Click here for additional information regarding HIPPA rules and regulations. 


Destruction Methods & Certificates

ACB offers two methods for data destruction; physical shred and computerized sanitization. Regardless of the method chosen, all services are handled in-house and you can be assured that all information is destroyed.

Certificates of Destruction are provided on all processed materials, alleviating the legal burden of proper disposal. For additional security and track-ability, ACB offers serialized Certificates of Destruction upon request.

Storage Products

ACB offers secure hard drive totes and hampers. These can be stored on sight to hold and securely store your data containing devices until they are ready to be destroyed.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do hard drive have to be removed from computers, laptops, and servers before they can be accepted by ACB?

No. Hard drives must not be removed prior to being accepted by ACB.  HDs are removed during our classification process. 

2.) How can I be sure my information has been destroyed?

ACB has provided data destruction services to hospitals, government agencies,  and financial institutions for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on a spotless record. Furthermore,  Certificates of Destruction are provided on all services, which alleviate the legal burden of proper disposal. 

3.) How are my hard drives destroyed?

Hard drives are destroyed through physical destruction or computerized sanitization. 

4.) What about hard drives in non-computer equipment?ACB will remove hard drives from any type of data containing device. This includes but it not limited to medical equipment (such as patient monitors), lab equipment, printers,  and proprietary equipment. Please inform your ACB representative of any special request. 


Speak to a representative today for additional information on our products and services.