Allied Computer Brokers was founded in 1994 by Richard Nicolosi.  Originally, ACB was a computer parts and components harvester. As time progressed, there became a growing supply of obsolete equipment and parts that had reached their end of life. As a result, ACB shifted gears to find a home for this material. This began the shift from an electronics parts harvester to a recycler.


2000 – Present

In 2004, ACB moved to a 26,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Amesbury, MA. There, it developed a proprietary automated shredding and sorting system. This system was specifically designed to process low grade electronics that were labor intensive and costly to break down. While other “recyclers” were exporting this low grade equipment, ACB was able to process it in-house.

In 2010, ACB added a series of front and back end processing components to shredding system to allow for higher level of processing.

In 2012, ACB expanded its scope from electronics and metal recycling and began their OneStop Program. By accepting paper, cardboard, universal waste, and other surplus materials, ACB was able to help clients reduce logistics cost and time by consolidating multiple waste streams through one vendor.

In 2012, ACB upgraded its data destruction facility to feature a completely isolated destruction room. The room featured a series of additional security features and equipment which allowed for a wider range of data destruction services. 

Our Future

We live in world that is always changing. With 20 years of industry experience, we have learned that we must constantly adapt to suit the ever changing world. As a company, we constantly strive to adapt in a way in which we create a more sustainable future for our community.