Certificate of Destruction

ACB Provides Certificates of Destruction (CODs) on all processed materials. CODs provide an environmental liability defense by alleviating the legal burden of proper disposal and ensure the proper and safe handling of your waste material. Certificates cover all waste streams handled by ACB.

ACB also offers Serialized Certificates for added tracking and security.



Utilizing a proprietary program, ACB tracks individual waste stream (i.e electronics, metals, wood, appliances, etc.). Our consolidated tonnage report allows clients to track their various was streams through one consolidate report. These reports can be tailored to each individual client's specific tracking needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I create customized categories for tracking various waste streams?

Yes, custom fields can be added to our system for better tracking.

Will I be able to have tonnage reports generated for certain time frames?

Yes, you may want a report generated for an individual month, or certain time frame (i.e. July 2015 - June 2016). These reports will provide totals as well as individual break downs by service date and commodity.

2.) Will I be able to match individual BOLs and work orders to monthly, quarterly, or annual tonnage reports. 

Yes, tonnage reports are compiled through a compilation of work orders. Each work order is assigned a unique order number which can be referenced at any time.

3.) Can more than just hard drives be serialized?

Yes, Any equipment with a serial number, or client generated asset number, can be serialized and provided.

4.) I lost a tonnage report or BOL from a few months ago, can I be sent another copy?

Yes, all documents are saved  and can be resent per request. 






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