De-manufacturing and Dismantling

All dismantling operations are handled in our 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Amebsury, MA. Once in-bound materials have been recorded, sorted, and classified, they are sent to our Dismantling Technicians to be broken down. Once equipment is broken down to the commodity level (i.e. metal, plastic, wire, etc.) and sorted to their appropriate categories, they are then sent to the appropriate refiner to be further processed for re-manufacturing.

With over 20 years of industry experience, ACB has developed the most efficient and effective methods for processing all forms of electronic waste. Our downstream network consists of R2 and eStewarts certified vendors. By working with vendors that are routinely audited by ACB and third parties, we can ensure the proper and safe handling of your equipment every step of the way

ACB offers a wide range of additional services to help better meet any internal management requirements you may have. Whether it involves serializing equipment, providing destruction photos, component harvesting, or other special request, our trained team can provide the optimal solution.


Steel bales ready to be refined.
Steel bales ready to be refined.