Benefits of eWaste Recycling Fundraisers & Events

Benefits of Recycling Fundraisers



Electronics recycling fundraisers have many benefits that can have a positive impact on both our community and our environment.  Most recycling facilities are closed on weekends and many DPWs have limited programs, making it difficult for residents to recycle their electronic waste material. 

Weekend electronics recycling events allow individuals and groups to drop off their eWaste material to be responsibly recycled while they are not tied up with work or school.  ACB always has their staff on sight to help individuals unload their vehicles and to assist with any heavy lifting. Furthermore, our events provide individuals with an opportunity to recycle their materials in a cost effective manner. 

Electronics recycling fundraisers have additional benefits, because they not only provide an opportunity for materials to be recycled, but they also helps raise money for good causes. Over the past 20 years, ACB has helped hundreds of non-profits, charities, churches, boy scout troops, clubs, schools, and individuals raise money through these events. 

ACB encourages individuals, groups, or businesses interested in an electronics recycling event or fundraiser to reach out to us. We can provide all the trucking, labor, and materials needed to host a successful event. Even if you have no prior experience, one of our representative can walk you through the entire process. This includes everything from marketing materials to securing and setting up a location. 




We encourage all to join us in the effort to create a more sustainable future for our community. 


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